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Ilan University Journal of Bioresources

第二卷                                     第一期

Vol.2                                      No.1




Original Research Article

不同乾燥方法對龍鬚菜品質之影響     陳淑德

Effects of Different Drying Methods on Quality of Gracila     Su-Der Chen

利用聚合酶鏈鎖反應-限制片段長度多型性(PCR-RFLP)技術探討核糖體DNA及內轉錄間隔區(ITS 1-5.8 S-ITS 2)用於區分紅麴菌種之可行性     林世斌、張嘉珮

The Study on the Use of Ribosomal DNA and Internal Transcribed Spacer (ITS1-5.8S-ITS2 ) in Identifying Monascus spp. with the PCR-RFLP Technique    

Shih-Bin Lin  Jia-Pei Chang

Paclobutrazol國蘭金鳥與金華山生育及開花之影響    尤進欽、郭純德、朱玉、戴柏宣

Effect of Paclobutrazol on Growth and Flowering of Cymbidium goeringii REI “GeumJo” and Cymbidium sienense Willd     Jinn-Chin Yiu  Chun-Teh Kuo  Yu Zhu  Po-Hsuan Tai

低溫貯藏對`新雪´梨果皮黑變與微觀結構及抗氧化酵素變化之影響     郭純德、尤進欽

Effects of Low Temperature Storage on Skin Blackening and Microscopic Structures and Antioxidant Enzymes Changes in Harvested Fruits of Japanese Pear ‘Shinsetsu’ (Pyrus pyrifolia Nak. var. Shinsetsu)      Chun-Teh Kuo  Jinn-Chin Yiu

豬上皮細胞生長因子之基因選、表現與生物活性     郭村勇、吳忠晉、李德南、吳輔

Gene, Cloning, Expression, and Bioactivity of Porcine Epidermal Growth Factor     Tsun-Yung Kuo  Jhong-Jin Wu  Der-Nan Lee  Fu-Yu Wu

台灣木材消費量之現況與預測     許秀英

Analysis and Prediction of Current and Future Wood Consumption in Taiwan     Hsiu-Ying Hsu

養殖烏魚消化道粗酵素液蛋白酶之特性和其對飼料蛋白質之體外消化能力     陳翠瑤、保愛貞、蘇崇文、孫寶年

Characteristic of Proteases in Crude Extract from Digestive Tract of Cultured Grey Mullet (Mugil cephalus) and the in Vitro Digestibility on Feed Protein    

Tusi-Yao Chen  Ai-Chen Pao  Chung-Wen Su  Bonnie Sun Pan