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No.1 DEC. 1998




多變量分析應用在乾燥中心燃油效率分析          楊江益 吳柏青 馮丁樹

Multivariate Analysis on the Operating Efficiency of Rice Drying Centers in Taiwan          Chiang-Yi Yang Poching Wu Din-Sue Fon


機率邊界生產函數之應用以宜蘭縣冬山鄉茶葉生產為例          溫育芳 王兆桓

The Application of Probabilistic Frontier Production Function - An Example of Tung-Shan Tea Production          Yue-Fang Wen Chao-Huan Wang


鹹金柑蜜餞的研製和品評          陳淑德 蕭文卿 洪美芳 陳輝煌

Processing and Sensory Evaluation of Salty Strip Kumquat Preserves         Su-Der Chen Wen-Ching Hsiao Mei-Fung Hong Hui-Huang Chen  


森林遊樂區遊客遊憩體驗及遊憩效益影響因素之探討-以棲蘭森林遊樂區為例          陳凱俐

Factors Affecting Recreation Experiences and Recreation Values of Forest Recreational Areas- A Case Study of Chi-Lan Forest Recreational Area          Kai - Lih Chen 


光度對文心蘭(Oncidium ‘Gower Ramsey’)假球莖生長及開花品質之影響          張允瓊

Effect of Light Level on Pseudobulb Growth and Flowering Quality of Oncidium Gower Ramsey          Yung-Chiung Chang 


山窗生活史         陳素瓊 陳仁昭 歐陽盛芝

Life History of Pyrocoelia praetexta          Su-Chiung Chen Zen-Chau Chen Sheng-Chih Ou-Yang3 


收成熟度對網紋洋香瓜貯藏品質之影響          石正中

Influence of Harvest Maturity on the Storage Quality of Muskmelon           Jeng-Jung Shyr 


省油車之研製         潘仁健 蘇溫禧 楊江益

Development of Low Fuel Consumption Vehicle           Jen-Chien Pan Wen-Hsi Su Chiang-Yi Yang 


不同包裝及販售型態下水產煉製品微生物品質的研究          陳憶雯 陳輝煌 馮臨惠 黃國榮 賴志豪

Microbiological Evaluation of Surimi-Based Products under Different Packaging and Selling Conditions          

Yi-Wen Chen, Hui-Huang Chen, Lin-Huey Ferng Kao-Jung Huang and Chih-Hao Lai 


辦公室環境之探討          張錫鈞

A Study on the Office Environment           Shyi-Jiun Chang 


紅蜜種網紋洋香瓜適貯藏溫度之研究          石正中

A Study on the Optimum Temperature for the Storage of Muskmelon           Jeng-Jung Shyr 


水分含量對魚漿熱凝膠性魚糕態產品耐煮性之影響          陳輝煌 李賢君

Effect of Water Content on the Thermal-Gelation of Surimi and Cooking-Tolerance of Kamaboko Prepared from Horse Mackerel           Hui-Huang Chen Shien-Juin Lee


宜蘭地區市售熟食肉品衛生指標菌之調查          陳憶雯 黃志豪 林建合 石展榮

Investigation of Sanitary Indicator Bacteria of the Marketing Cooked-Meats in Ilan           Yi-Wen Chen, Chih-Hao Huang, Chien-He Lin and Chan-Jung Shih  


向性共聚酯熱熔膠之性質研究          蔡宏斌 李大剛

The Investigation of the Properties of Thermotropic Copolyester Hot Melt Adhesives           Hong-Bing Tsai Da-Kong Lee


國立宜蘭技術學院經德大樓水平及垂直雙向之長期監測          黃賢統 徐輝明 方俊盛

The Long-Term Surveying of Settlement and Inclination of the School Building Located at the National Ilan Institute of Technology           S.T. Hwang H.M. Hsu G.S. Fang 


明代哈密衛之研究          陳旺城

A Study on Hami-Wei of the Ming Dynasty           Wang-Cheng Chen  


台灣網際網路電子佈告欄系統(BBS)的發展與使用特徵之研究-以宜蘭農工專科學校BBS站為例          鄭天爵

A Study on the Development and Usage of Internet BBS in TaiwanA Case Study on NIIAT BBS Station           Tien-Chueh Cheng