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The Journal of Liberal Arts and Management


Vol.4  November 2007




匡正王學現成良知說的羅洪先思想研究              吳秀玉

Research on Luo Hongxian's Thought Which Rectied Wang Yangming's  Theory of Innate Conscience              Hsiu-Yu Wu


中國古代時間觀的萌芽《詩經》時間意識探討                             盧瑞容

The Emergence of thse Notion of Time in Ancient China: The Consciousness of Time in the Book of Odes            Lu, Ruey-rong


從探源觀點論述民間手工的產業轉型           陳麗貞

The Industry Transformation using Manual-Labor Management         Lee -Chen Chen


截面積分的註記          龍健安

A Note on Cross Section Integration         Chien-an Lung 


抑制與指示遺忘:線索時間與工作記憶的影         張松年

Inhibition and Directed Forgetting: The Affection of Cue Time and Working Memory             Chang, Sung-Nien


動作技能與情緒/動機:學前男童動作技能表現與腦前額不對稱性之關係研究         林榮輝

Movement skill and Emotion/MotivationAn Electroencephalographic Study on the Relationship between Performance of Movement Skills and Asymmetrical Frontal Brain Activity in Preschool Boys         Chien-an Lung


台灣大學生出國旅遊動機之研究以宜蘭大學為例           鄭天爵

A Study of Taiwan College Students' Motivations for Outbound Travel – A Case of National -Lan University               Tien-Chueh Cheng


日月潭國家風景區遊客空間行為與環境識覺分析               黃郁婷、黃妙國、高志強

The Spatial Behavior and Environmental Perceptions of Tourists in the National Scenic Area Surrounding Sun Moon Lake            Yu-Ting Huang, Miao-Kuo Huang, Chih-Chiang Kao


巿區隔下之效益評估與相關分析以宜蘭地區休閒農場為例             林雲雀、林豐政、陳凱俐

Recreational Benefit Evaluation and Related Analysis under Market Segmentation—An Example of the Leisure Farms in Ilan           Chu-Fen Li


內共同基金績效評估及其影響因素之實證研究               李竹芬、范遠華

An Empirical Study on the Performance and nuential Factors of Mutual Funds in Taiwan           Chu-Fen Li, Yuan-Hua Fan


台灣因應台美中關係的策略選擇1999-2005 年戰略三角關係之分析         何振盛、劉性仁

Taiwan's Alternative Counterplots For Present Taiwan-U.S.-China Triangle  Relations            Ho, Jeng-Sheng