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The Journal of Liberal Arts and Management


Vol.1 November 2004





港口的區位條件分析以中國長江沿岸河港為例       張智欽、韋煙灶

The Location Analysis of River Anchorage: Case Studies from Yangtze River       Chih-Chin ChangYen-Tsao Wei


語言與「統/獨」問題的關係     林柏東

A Discussion on the Relationship of Language and the Question of "Unification / Independence"      Po-Tung Lin


以信號賽局探討股票的鉅額交易行為      溫育芳

A Study of Signaling Game on Behavior of Block Trading       Yue-Fang Wen 


宜蘭擺厘陳家與地方信仰     朱家嶠

Chen Lineage in Baili, Ilan and It's Local Religion      Jia-Qiao Zhu


思想及其影響之研究     吳秀玉

Research on Wang Ci's Thought and its Impact        Hsiu-Yu Wu


台灣地區第三代行動電話之潛在市場分析      林豐政、謝宏捷

A Potential Market Analysis of the Third Generation Mobile Phone in Taiwan      Feng-Jenq LinHong-Jie Xie


《聯邦論》的共和主義       蘇 

The Republicanism of The Federalist Papers      Wei Su


童年概念與兒童吳學發展之關係對西方與台灣的省思       黃惠雅

The Concepts of Childhood and the Development of Children's Literature: A Reflection on the West and Taiwan      Huiya Huang


消費者對有機農產品電子商務之接受程度      黃璋如、石靜芬

Consumers' Acceptance of Electronic Commerce of Organic Agricultural Products      Chang-Ju Huang-TzengChing-Fen Shih